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White designs Conveyor System ready for Germicidal Lamps to sterilize uniforms and personal property.
The UV-C-Veyor utilizes an industry leading garment conveyor fitted with sockets for germicidal lamps and safety enclosure.

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It is well established that the sun is an incredibly powerful natural disinfectant. Ultraviolet wavelengths from 200 to 280 nanometers (UVC) is an effective sanitizer for pathogens. In fact, ultraviolet light (UV) has been used as a disinfectant around the world since 1910. The nucleic acid of the pathogen’s cells are damaged by UV light. The short wavelength and high energy is absorbed by the RNA and DNA of the microorganism, leaving it non-infectious.

White Conveyors, the World-Wide leader in Automated Garment Sorting, Storage and Retrieval Systems, introduces an innovative system that may expedite the decontamination of hospital and first responders personal and professional items on a large scale. The time-tested conveyor can also handle aprons, shopping baskets and frequently handled supply containers.

The UV-C-Veyor is well suited to decontaminate hospital, police, and other responders personal items. This may help to prevent the exposure of diseases to family as they return home after a shift.

White’s UV-C-Veyor utilizes three germicidal UVC light lamp fixtures at precise locations along the conveyor path to thoroughly disinfect the outer surface of exposed material. This is important as pathogens and microbes can remain viable on soft materials and textures for a prolonged time. The industry leading garment conveyor is enclosed with a custom curtain to prevent UVC light exposure to human eyes and skin. After several revolutions of the conveyor, the items are de-contaminated. Sanitized personal property can then be removed, and the conveyor once again can be loaded, repeating the cycle.

White has installed more than 76,500 conveyors in the United States and throughout the world. As a USA based manufacturer for close to 75 years, White has surpassed established industry standards for efficiency, reliability, and overall value. Click here to learn more about White’s storage conveyors, assembly & sorting operations and automated drop off and delivery for the Dry Cleaner market.