Frequently Asked Questions

At White Conveyors, we invite your questions and look forward to discussing your individual projects. Below are a few of the questions most frequently asked by our customers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Can White's Engineers design a conveyor system to fit within my existing facility?

Every White Conveyors system is a custom engineered solution to meet the customer's particular needs. Each is designed to maximize the utilization of available space, regardless of its volume and configuration.

Can a White system be upgraded and/or relocated?

All White Conveyors are modular in design. They can be easily expanded, reconfigured or relocated.

Can White Conveyors design a fully automated system that is compatible with my existing data management software?

White's automated conveyor systems incorporate the user friendly Windows® operating system that can be easily interfaced with most data management programs.

How long does the average installation take?

Depending on the complexity of the system being installed, the job can take anywhere from a single day for a typical dry cleaning conveyor, three to four days for a Comp-U- Sort® (automated sorting conveyor), or two to four weeks for more extensive systems installations.

What can I expect as far as a return on my investment?

Typically, businesses with White Conveyors' systems have realized a return on their investment within one to three years. Naturally, the actual ROI will depend on the type of system being installed.

What about maintenance?

All White Conveyors' systems are based on proven technology and engineered for high use applications. Quality components throughout the system limit normal wear and tear.

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