Retail Conveyor Products

White Conveyors started to serve the retail industry in 1980. The conveyors are used in chain stores and warehouse distribution centers, where space, time, and efficiency are always important.

There are many uses for conveyors in retail stores:

  • Organization of additional stock located in the backroom without cluttering the retail floor
  • Maximize stock storage by utilizing the cube of the back room
  • More inventory on-hand at the store, reducing replenishment needs from the distribution center
  • One operator can store and retrieve all merchandise at the push of a button from a single work station
  • Garments can easily be stored by item, style, color, or size
  • Conveyors can also be used for overhead display purposes in the retail area


White Conveyors most popular design offers storage with slots and convenient identification of garments in any numbering system. Operates manually with hand or foot controls; or automatically with a keypad. Read More...

Up'N'Down Conveyor

Use the overhead space of your store with the White Conveyors Up'N'Down model that goes up to the ceiling at a 45º angle. Load orders at the "nose" of the conveyor on ground level, and store them off the floor, saving valuable floor space under the conveyor. Read More...

Double Deck Up'N'Down

White Conveyors Double Deck Up'N'Down has the best of both worlds - two tiers of garments, plus storage overhead. It is ideal for shirt storage, or locations with high ceilings. Read More...

V-Dip Conveyor

The White Conveyors side loading V-Dip takes up the space of one garment (± 2') on the floor...but uses all available overhead space. Ideal for a narrow call office, or where floor space is at a premium. Read More...

Double Deck Stor-U-Veyor

White Conveyors Double Deck Stor-U-Veyor offers two full levels of hangered garments that operate together at the touch of a button. The Double Deck Stor-U-Veyor provides double capacity for shirts, pants or other short/long garments. Read More...




Monorail Systems (Sling systems)

Dry Cleaners

Manual Slings

White Conveyors monorail slings are used for “manual loading/unloading” applications and are equipped to be manually opened with a bottom rope hold. The sling size is flexible to suit the application for soil slings and for clean slings. Read More...