Wardrobe Valet

White Conveyors Wardrobe Valet is a personal wardrobe conveyor for the home.

Wardrobe Valet is a remarkably simple and functional personal garment delivery system that organizes and preserves your valuable wardrobe. Using approximately 24 square feet of closet space, the Wardrobe Valet can accommodate up to 400 garments. A foot switch allows you to browse your entire wardrobe - delivering the garment you want when you need it.

Wardrobe Valet brings organization and structure to your busy life. Now you can store and access garments efficiently while maximizing your existing closet space. Say good-bye to those stressful mornings of searching for a particular business outfit. Never again risk wrinkling your garments from improper storage. Engineered and designed as a durable, user-friendly product. Wardrobe Valet is a remarkably simple solution for organizing and preserving your valuable garments.

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