Dry Cleaning - Storage Conveyors

Dispat-U-Veyor is the leader in a basic mechanical sorting conveyor systems. With a capacity of handling 1,200 pieces per hour, sorting up to 36 stations, this unique White Conveyors product has a 35-year record of success. A Dispat-U-Veyor system is easily applied in any garment handling operation and can be used in many light item delivery systems.

Hangers are placed on selected hooks, which correspond to discharge stations. Traveling perpendicular to the path of travel, items are discharged by passing a mechanical probe. It is that simple.


  • Up to 36 discharge stations can be chosen from one loading position
  • Up to 2,700 carriers per hour - to maximize productivity
  • Variable speed drives to 90 feet per minute adjust productivity, either by remote or manual controls
  • Drive Sprocket located in 180° or 90° bends
  • Stations mounted from conveyor track
  • Probes permanently set at picking height
  • Standardized track & chain - easily expandable with available components
  • 10 & 12 Hook Carriers - for sorting versatility
  • Optional Air Operated Take-up devices automatically adjusts chain slack, reducing maintenance