Enclosed Track (ET)

Transport Conveyor

Enclosed track (ET) conveyor is modular in nature and is easy to install, move or expand. It may be floor or ceiling mounted. The unit is rugged in design and operation is trouble free.

The unit may be any length, fit any ceiling height and may be made in custom shapes or configurations. Whatever you need to store or transport will be kept “up on the ceiling” freeing all the floor space below for additional storage or other applications. Almost any king of hook or carrier may be used.

Typical unit requires only about 30 square feet of floor space for loading and unloading - freeing up valuable space for productive use. One person can effectively operate several units simultaneously. Both loading and unloading may be accomplished from the same point. Retrieval time is fast. Operator fatigue is reduced, and endless walking and searching for items is eliminated.

Whatever you are storing will be easy to find - because it is always hanging where it is supposed to be. Both new employees and old timers alike will be able to retrieve any item in seconds. Your entire inventory is continually on display permitting easy visual inspection.

Enclosed track (ET) components specifications:

  • Minimum of 30" width.
  • Enclosed high strength steel track.
  • Four way universal joint chain - ultimate strength is over 10,000 lbs.
  • Heavy duty Caterpillar drive (constant speed). Reversible.
  • Motor 1 HP 220-460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle.
  • Automatic electrical overload cut-off device.
  • Screw type take-up or air take-up available.
  • Removable inspection track section.
  • Heat treated special alloy steel track bends.
  • Steel load carrying frames, 14 inches long, with 10 slots.
  • Series 800 control.
  • Reversing starter and time delay relay.
  • Speed: 60 feet per minute.
  • Maximum live load per frame: 150 lbs.
  • Maximum chain pull, 6001bs.
  • Includes 180° horizontal bend and 4 x 15° vertical bends.
  • Includes track hangar clamps for suspension.
  • Includes welding jig.


  • Larger length units available
  • Additional horizontal bends
  • Additional horizontal bends
  • Floor support materials
  • Hand control
  • Foot control