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Safe Distancing and Minimized Human Contact

with White’s Automated Uniform Storage and Retrieval Systems

Uniform Room Safe Distancing

As Hotels, Casinos and Resorts around the world begin to resume operations, safety for team members and guests remains top priority. For team members, maintaining safe distancing and minimal human contact while picking up uniforms during shift changes can be challenging.

White Conveyors, the world-wide leader with with unmatched expertise and nearly 1000 units in operation, has enhanced their automated uniform storage and retrieval systems with an auto-open/close door to facilitate safe distancing and minimized human contact.

White’s U-Pick-It, GBX & AUS systems provide the safest, most secure and sanitary solution by eliminating the person to person contact at an attended counter where infections can spread.

Designed for any size resort and casino property, White’s Uniform Storage and Retrieval Systems are completely automated. Pick-up and drop-off is performed outside the uniform room through a “No Touch” auto-open/close door. There is no interaction with an attendant and no need to touch anything except their own uniforms. Shift changes are now smooth, fast and safer.

White’s Automated Uniform Storage and Retrieval Systems Provide

24/7/365 convenience and security
Uniform room labor costs are reduced
Service and safety for team members is improved
Competitively priced with the fastest return on investment
Increased productivity
Faster shift changes
Reliable, robust and durable
Designs that are upgradeable and flexible
Optional state-of-the-art automated garment tracking technology
A choice of systems to meet every situation

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Advancing Forward

Backed by 70+ Years of Success