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dry cleaners

Dry Cleaners

White Conveyors began business to help the dry cleaning and laundry businesses back in 1946. Since starting out, the firm has designed built and installed more than 75,000 conveyors in the United States and throughout the world.

The list of laundry products made, installed and serviced by White Conveyors is listed below. You can visit the Products section of this website and see the specific specs for each of these products. The products fall into three areas of service. They are sorting, soil and clean side storage and sorting, transport systems and storage.

Dry Cleaner Products

Automated Dropoff & Delivery
24 Hr Automated Dry Cleaner

Storage Conveyors
Up'N'Down Conveyor
Double Deck Up'N'Down
V-Dip Conveyor
Double Deck Conveyor
Short & Longs Combined

Assembly & Sorting Operations
Mercury Automated Order Assembly System
Pegasus High Yield Order Assembly System
Assembly Conveyor
Power Storage Rail

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